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Karl's Corner - 04/28/2010

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2010/04/28 West Palm Beach: Sunfest

2010/04/28 West Palm Beach: Sunfest

...well, its back on the road for the weezer gang, picking up where we left off once again! We're here about 50 feet from the Intracoastal Waterway, looking at insane yachts roll by, as the soundchecks and other preparations go on. By tonight there shall be rock in Florida!

...And rock there was. Sunfest draws a zillion pople every year, and many of them end up down by the Intracoastal shores where seated and non seated sections are laid out like that. As the evening progressed and the first 3 bands played, the crowd grew and grew, and as it grew, their need to party grew proportionally. But would they be able to stop partying later? We'll never know now. The band was ready for action, having gotten back up to snuff at recent rehearsals in L.A., and by most accounts including mine, the show was packed with peanuts, and therefore really satisfied. Our man Josh Freese has continued his efforts on drums, with Pat sitting in his traditional throne on several songs as well, otherwise joining the guitar and vocal assault on the front lines. The crowd was very friendly and stoked, and was really diverse from 4 year olds to senior citizens, more ladies in the audience than usual, and just about every ethnicity represented as far as I could tell. The Weez unites and abides. Thanks, Florida!

Prior to going onstage, the band got to meet John Oates of our heroes Hall And Oates, who came down to the show to personally check out the weez and say hi. Post show, Pat and Josh Freese got to go hang out with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top (who is yet another one of Josh's MANY well known friends), and they reported good times and hot sauce gifts. ZZ Top were in town to headline the Sunfest the following night.




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...if you go/went to this show, comment on it here!

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