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Karl's Corner - 05/06/2010

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2010/05/06 Ellen! George Lopez! Soon!

2010/05/06 Ellen! George Lopez! Soon!

...Weez TV Alert: Weezer is going to be appearing on 2 shows in the coming days...

* They will tape the George Lopez show on may 12, which will air on may 17.
* Then they will tape the Ellen Show may 19, and it will air on May 20.

..."Cant Stop Harmonic Motion", a math/science lesson cleverly adapted to the tune of "Can't Stop Partying", by the students of Travis Larson, teacher at Stony Point High School.

...Justin The Librarian's take on Red + Raditude: Reditude. Looks like a sweet selection to me!

...todays Weezer Lego art by Kaleb.