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Karl's Corner - 05/15/2010

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2010/05/15 The Donald, The Park, And Other Things

2010/05/15 The Donald, The Park, And Other Things

...A few days back, the Weez men went to the George Lopez show studio and taped their performance for the Lopez episode to air on May 17, (this coming Monday night). Todays picture gives you a little taste of what was going on there. Yeah, I'm not saying what was going on there made any sense or anything - but there it is...

...next Wednesday the guys go to Ellen's studio to tape for the Ellen episode to air on Thursday May 20. I dont think there will be bunny suits or The Donald at that one. But who can really say? All I know is Weezer Daytime TV is The Stuff.

...another good blog post by Justin The Librarian (not Justin the Barbarian) "The journey I have taken through life with Weezer".

...An interesting investigative fan's re-cap of the "lost years" of weezer, 1998-1999: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.