Karl's Corner - 06/01/2011

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2011/06/01 Show Announcement: Minnesota State Fair!

weezer covering "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead in the studio, last week.

...Another addition to the '11 weezer concert calendar - Weezer will be playing the Minnesota State Fair on September 3rd! the tickets will go on sale June 10th. Here's the fair website for more info.

...Speaking of shows, the next show on the calendar is the Summerfest in Houston's Eleanor Tinsley Park, this coming Sunday 6/5! Some tix are still available, so come on down! Tickets here.

...New Rivers cover article/interview, in the May/June issue of the U.K. Huck magazine, focusing on the stories behind some of Rivers's mysterious tweets of the last 2 years! See a preview here.

...5/20 Philly show photos are up! D.C., Atlantic City, Hartford BOMBfest, and Pittsburgh pix are on the way...

...Coming very soon: new official bootleg CDs! Watch for an annoucement and ordering info here on weezer.com.

...thanks to everyone who has sent in their weezer cover versions so far! We are in the process of selecting the first batch of tracks to be added to the Radio Weezer playlist. If you havent sent a cover in, theres still time - its an ongoing thing - but the sooner you submit the better. Send mp3s to RadioWeezer (at) gmail.com