Karl's Corner - 06/25/2011

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2011/06/25 Radio Weezer new cover adds


above, the poster for a recent Anamanaguchi show has art that's based on the classic weezer 'superhero girls' design. pretty cool.

We've got some new 'adds' on Radio Weezer from the cover song contest! The next four cover bands to start airing on Radio Weezer are:

Simon Miles (Nottingham, England): "Only In Dreams"
RNA (Los Diego, CA): "Hash Pipe"
Superfriends (Japan): "Superfriend"
Neccos For Breakfast: "My Brain"

Your weezer cover could get added too! send 'em in to RadioWeezer (at) gmail.com

listen to Radio Weezer - streaming online - weezer's fave songs plus plenty of weezer related stuff: live, studio, new, old, rare, etc.

...As for the other recent contest, the Name That Tune contest - thanks to everyone for giving it their all! We are currently compiling the results and will be announcing winners soon!