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2011/06/05 Ustream News - Q+A Session 6/7

weezer covering "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead in the studio, last week.

...Peoples, you may have had the fun of watching the Rivers Ustream broadcast he often does before going on stage. We are happy to report that we've figured out how to integrate the Ustream thing into weezer.com, and that this will be starting on Tuesday 6/7 (the second Austin show). In honor of this technical triumph, were gonna do a Ustream Q+A session with Scott and Brian (and myself) at 7PM CST, which will then be followed by Rivers' usual "Ustream of conciousness" broadcast.

For the Q+A session, we will be reading your comments and answering questions we see in the Ustream chat, as well as answering questions you post in this thread on our boards.