Karl's Corner - 07/15/2000

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Ok. still working on the video clips. have sucessfully captured some good bits from rehersals a few days ago, now figuring out how to convert them to mpeg (Pat loaded the program into this thing somewhere...)

big fat news! While the details will be posted on the main RWA news page as soon as they are known (which might not be for a few weeks actually), I can confirm the existance of a THREE WEEK EAST COAST WEEZER TOUR, in the works for the last 2 weeks of August and the first week of September. What cities? Dates? Details? Not known yet, not even by the band (so hold off on those questions for now...)... But YES its happening. After that there is high probability of recording, right now the hunt is on for a producer. If (and thats a very important "if") the selected producer's schedule can accomidate the band's schedule, then this sucker will be on tape soon. As ever, the news on this will hit RWA first.

as for that email thingy above, I decided to get an account that I can actually respond to from the road. And besides it was free. any email directed to "karl@weezer.net" wont be seen/answered till at least late august.