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Karl's Corner - 11/18/2010

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2010/11/18 Hang On for the Memories | New Online Shop!


Well folks, time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future - and right now that future is the Memories Tour where we will be celebrating the past - and the present! Recently the band has been very busy behind the scenes, both in rehearsing for the upcoming tour, as well as some special events. Over the last week, the guys did a special rock show in the Los Angeles Sunset Blvd Guitar Center, which was filmed for a Direct TV special that will air in February. Then, this past Sunday, the band shot a new music video, which wont be seen till the new year, as right now we're focusing on the Memories Tour, plus the video still requires a lot of time consuming post-production work anyway. Then, the very next day on Monday, the guys did 3 song performances at the RJ Berger show, which was taped for airing later, also in February. 300 lucky fans attended who were selected first come first serve via a Twitter and Facebook announcement. So in these cases, the fruits of the band's labors wont spring forth for a little while. In the meantime, we got some killer shows to do!

...Weezer's all new online store is up now!

...By now you hopefully have picked up the Pinkerton: Deluxe Edition, either digitally, on CD, or on 4xLP. No matter what the version, there was an error in the liner notes that needs noting. "Getting Up And Leaving" only lists Rivers as the writer, but in fact, Pat Wilson wrote the music, while Rivers wrote the lyrics and vocal melody. This will be corrected in future pressings of the LP and CD (hopefully the digital booklet will be updated shortly).

...Pinkerton Deluxe: another 4.5 star review, this time from Baeble Music.

..."This Is Beginning To Hurt: A Woefully Incomplete Oral History of We...", from Alternative Press.

...Brian has started a Twitter account for his other band, The Relationship, who are releasing their album on 11/30.

...Pinkerton: Deluxe boasts a few guest players on certain previously unreleased tracks. One of those is Scott Riebling, who used to be in Letters To Cleo. He's now a producer in the Boston area, and as it turns out, he makes a mean pizza.

...A recent video shot at rehearsals, Weezer: "Getchoo": 2010. Shot by O, 10/26/10 at Village Studios in L.A.

...Video: "Perfect Situation" with Jorge (Hurley) on guest vox, at the 9/21 A...

...A nice set of photos from that AXE show, by Chris Chelko.

...A nice set of photos from the 7/18 Ontario Bluesfest show, by ROCKthusiast.

...here's a Japanese language weezer website I'd not previously seen.

...interview with yours truly (karl), translated into French, on the French fansite weezerandco.net.

...from OG weezer.net man Anuj, comes a note to check this Bill Simmons column on espn.com (see the second question down...)

...Weezer tribute band alert!
Tweezer has 2 shows this weekend:
At The Crossroads in Garwood NJ, with 'No Code' tribute to Pearl Jam
At Port 41, 41st bet 8th and 9th in NYC, for Tributefest with 'Jesus Christ Pose' (Soundgarden), 'Last Exit' (Pearl Jam) and 'Sex Type Thing' (STP)

...Todays photo lesson of "How To Rock A Weezer Snuggie" courtesy backstage at RJ Berger.

"I work in Manhattan near Times Square. I brought my 4 yr old son to work the other day, and as we were walking through Times Square he looks up and says "Daddy, is that the Weezer building?' He was pointing to the W hotel. Apparently, to him they really are the Fantastic 4; they have their own building and everything." -Brian Korner