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Karl's Corner - 11/24/2010

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2010/11/24 Gowalla for the Memories Tour | The Relationship


Here's a nice way to score some weezer goodies - go and download Gowalla at Gowalla.com for your smartphone - iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, etc. Then use it to check-in at any Memories Tour date and get a free Weezer download, an exclusive Weezer badge, and connect with fellow weezer fans at the show!

Brian Bell's other band The Relationship will be releasing their debut album on 11/30. At the upcoming Memories shows, Brian will be signing copies of The Relationship CD shortly after Weezer's set is over, up at the merchandise booth. For more, check out this video!

...Mtv News reports on the scene of Weezer's recent taping at Hard Times With RJ Berger.

...REMINDER: Weezer's all new online store is up now!

...todays photo by member Wahyu Purnomo.