Loved by Millions

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Loved by Millions
Liner notes from self-released cassette
Background information
Origin Toledo, OH
Years active c. 1987 - c. 1988
Label(s) Whatever Records
Former Members
Scott Shriner
Dave Burk
Steven Athanas
E.J. Wells
Kevin Meade

Loved by Millions was a Toledo, Ohio band from the late 1980's[1]. Scott Shriner played bass on their 7" single "Animal Behavior," released in 1987.


The Toledeo Blade described Loved by Millions as a "new wave" band in 2022. None of the band's music is available online as of December 2022.[2]

Shriner would later reunite with guitarist E.J. Wells for his song "Something in the Graveyard" in June of 2009[3].


  • Scott Shriner - bass
  • Dave Burk - guitar, vocals
  • Steven Athanas - vocals
  • E.J. Wells - baritone guitar
  • Kevin Meade - engineer
  • Phil Berg - saxophone


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