Scott & Rivers

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Scott & Rivers
Background information
Origin Japan
Years active 2009 - 2017
Genre(s) J-Pop, Alternative
Label(s) Universal Music Japan
Current Members
Rivers Cuomo
Scott Murphy

Scott & Rivers is a side project of Rivers Cuomo with Scott Murphy from Allister featuring songs written and sung almost entirely in Japanese. In 2009 Rivers began writing songs in contention for an upcoming solo Japanese album he was working on that was originally tentatively titled ザ クマモトキッド (The Kumamoto Kid), but would later develop into Scott & Rivers. He enlisted the help of some fans through the music collaboration website Indaba Music, offering payment for better produced versions of the demos he posted.

On March 20th, 2013, the group released a 12 song LP through Universal Music Japan. The album features a cover of Kaela Kimura's song "Butterfly." It is available worldwide digitally but a physical copy can only be obtained in Japan. They toured briefly in spring 2013 and occasionally would play during a few Weezer shows. "Scott & Rivers" album debuted at #1 on the iTunes Japan alternative charts on the week it was released. They played a full set on The Weezer Cruise in February 2014. Two music videos for the album, "Homely Girl" and "Butterfly," have been released.

In December 2014, the group released a single called "California," which would later be reworked into the Weezer song "California Kids," and went on a brief tour in Japan. They played another new song live during this tour, believed to be called "Everything (Unchanging Feelings)."

In August 2016, the group released two more singles on iTunes, entitled "Doo Wop" feat. キヨサク(MONGOL800) and "FUN IN THE SUN" feat. PES (RIP SLYME). Those songs were later included on the band's second album, entitled ニマイメ, which was released on April 12, 2017.




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