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Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 1991
Genre(s) Grunge
Former Members
Rivers Cuomo
Patrick Wilson
Scottie Chapman

Fuzz is a short-lived trio from Los Angeles, California. The band is notable for being the first time Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson would play in a band together.


Fuzz was formed in early 1991 by Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, and Scottie Chapman. Unlike previous bands of Cuomo's, which focused on a metal sound, Fuzz was reminiscent of the grunge music that had been rising in popularity at the time of the band's formation.

According to archivist Karl Koch, "Fuzz was a band that Rivers formed to embody the songs he was coming up with. The sound was heavy and rocking, somewhat in the style of the then - new style of such groups as Nirvana, Mudhoney, and Soundgarden. Actually, it was far more rocking than those bands! Fuzz had an enormous sound."[1]

The band was active and practicing as early as February 1991,[1] and a five-song demo tape was recorded on March 9.[1] Each of the five songs were attempted during practice for Weezer after the band's formation in 1992.

After two live performances, Chapman eventually quit the band.[2] A new bassist was tried out, but the band had fizzled out in favor of Cuomo and Wilson's newest project, 60 Wrong Sausages. The Fuzz songs "The Answer Man" and "I Will Not Cross Over" carried over to this new band.[3]

Eventually, 60 Wrong Sausages had too disbanded. Patrick Wilson and Rivers Cuomo moved on to a new band, Weezer. Each song recorded for the Fuzz demo was eventually rehearsed for this band. Scottie Chapman moved away from music entirely, and in later years became a cast member for the television show Mythbusters.


On March 9, 1991, Fuzz rented out rehearsal space and recorded a five song demo onto Cuomo's 8-track tape. All five tracks had been previously rehearsed by the band. It is unknown if the tracklist order is accurate.[1]

  1. "The Answer Man"
  2. "Ain't Got No Words"
  3. "The Biggest Animal"
  4. "I Will Not Cross Over" (eventually renamed "Burn My Britches")
  5. "Spiderbitch"


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