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Still image from a video of Shriners' sole live performance. Video by Pedro Azevedo.
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active c. 2011 - 2012, 2014
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Label(s) Rare Bird Books, Erika Records
Former Members
Scott Shriner
Greg Suran
Victor Indrizzo

Shriners is a stage name used by Scott Shriner for his sole solo release, the 2012 song "Watch the Shadows."


Shriners as a group has its origin in Pretty, a 2011 novel by Jillian Lauren. Lauren - who is married to Scott Shriner - asked the Weezer bassist to write a song for use in the promotional campaign for her book. Shriner had already been working on new songs, as he explained in a 2011 interview with a blog entitled "the Nervous Breakdown":

I’d done a couple songs on acoustic guitar that I’d submitted to Weezer for possible records, that got shot down, and I had a little instrumental piece of music that I wrote that made it onto a record, but this was the first piece of music where I wrote everything. And I’ve gotta tell you, it felt amazing. It’s been looming over my head for the last ten years and to finally get it done is a big deal for me.

Scott Shriner, Interview with "The Nervous Breakdown," May 11, 2012[1]

The band's sole official release came with Lover of All that Exists, a three-song single featuring two other artists. "Watch the Shadows" was the single's a-side. Lover also has its origins in a book release, as it was conceived as a promotional "soundtrack" to Johnny Future, a 2009 book by Steve Abee that received its first paperback edition in May of 2012.

Shriner initially promoted "Watch the Shadows" as a precursor to a larger EP release entitled Shiners[2]. This EP never materialized, with Shriner explaining in a 2014 interview with Alternative Press that he wanted to work on his additional songs more before releasing them[3]. He reported in that same interview to be be working with drummer Joey Castillo of Queens of the Stone Age and guitarist Dave Kushner of Velvet Revolver. None of this music has been released as of 2022.

Live show

Shriner has performed one solo show as of 2022, on May 11, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. The show served as a record release party for Lover of All that Exists as well as a promotional event for Johnny Future. Shriner performed one other song - the yet-unreleased "Dead to Me Now" - in addition to "Watch the Shadows."



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