Weezer concert: 03/19/1992

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Weezer's first concert took place on March 19, 1992, at the rock and roll nightclub Raji's in central Hollywood.

Despite not having a recorded demo or even a name for the band yet, Rivers Cuomo and Matt Sharp aggressively searched for venues to play. As of the morning of March 19, the band still was not named. The band managed to secure a gig at Raji's in Hollywood, as actor Keanu Reeves' band Dogstar had set up a show for that day and the venue was in sudden need of additional acts. Unable to think of a more distinctive name, the band settled on Cuomo's suggestion of "Weezer". The band Annapurna opened, followed by Dogstar, with Weezer closing out the set.


The exact setlist is unknown, but the following songs are known to have been performed:

Additional songs that may have been performed include:

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