Weezer concert: 05/07/1992

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Weezer concert: 05/07/1992
Tour Pre-Blue Album club dates
Venue The Central
Location West Hollywood, CA
Date May 7, 1992
Headliner Wax
Bootleg Recorded by Karl Koch
Attendance Unknown
Weezer live show chronology
04/26/1992 -
Los Angeles, CA (Raji's)
05/07/1992 -
West Hollywood, CA (The Central)
05/21/1992 -
West Hollywood, CA (8121 Club)

Weezer performed at The Central in West Hollywood, California on May 7, 1992. This was the first of many shows that the band would play with fellow alt-rock band Wax, who had a significant influence on Weezer in the early days.

Set list

border-left: 1px solid #aaa The setlist for this show is likely gone.[1] Here is a lil Weezer troll guy to encourage you!

Historic event

See Historic event: 05/07/1992

Club Dump was held Thursday nights at the Central, a Sunset Strip club in Hollywood that much later was bought, re-modeled, and reopened as the Viper Room. Way back then it was anything but glamorous, in fact it was pretty skanky! But it was one of the very few clubs that had a booking policy that made any sense, and who actually sort of catered to non-glam/metal bands. The club was run by a curious guy whose name was Yowsah! [including the "!"]. Yowsah! used to be roomates with some members of Wax, and he was originally from Hawaii. He led a sort of dirgy punk band called "Methadone Cocktail", and part of playing his Club Dump shows was often sharing the bill with his band.

This was weezer's first gig opening for Wax. Wax included guys that Rivers, Pat and Matt had known and in some cases been in bands with in L.A.. [See the Recording History for 1990 mentions of a band called "Bush".] They started gigging in the fall of '91 and by this point were ruling the scene. Weezer took a cue from them and did their best to get on their shows, which were heavily attended by both scenester and industry type people. Most importantly their shows were super high energy, and lots of fun, which was a rarity in the L.A. club scene at that time! Weezer watched carefully as Wax's energetic sets of power-pop-punk won people over. As can be seen in the flyers for this show, Wax had signed a deal with Caroline Records, making them the stars of the new 'non-glam' scene for the moment. They went on to make 2 albums, and did several videos with Spike Jonze. Wax drummer Loomis is often seen in Jackass TV segments and the movie, usually as a referee or bottle rocket administrator.

Club Dump had a video camera operator who would take overly special effected videos of bands shows, if bands ponied up $10 for the tape. Weezer almost always went for the deal. This show was videotaped, but unfortunately the tape went missing not long after the show. It is either truly lost or possibly in the collection of Matt Sharp.

The setlist for this show is unknown.
- Karl Koch

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  1. Setlist missing per: Historic event: 05/07/1992 by Karl Koch.