Weezer concert: 05/21/1992

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Weezer concert: 05/21/1992
Weezer concert: 05/21/1992 cover
Venue 8121 Club
Location West Hollywood, CA
Date May 21, 1992
Debuts "My Name Is Jonas"
Bootleg Recorded by Karl Koch, not circulating
Weezer live show chronology
05/07/1992 - Los Angeles, CA 05/21/1992 - Los Angeles, CA 06/10/1992 - Los Angeles, CA

Weezer performed at 8121 Club in West Hollywood, CA on May 21, 1992 as part of their pre-Blue Album club dates.


This was Weezer's second proper all-acoustic set as a band. Karl Koch recorded the show, though the audio has never been released. The tape from the day also includes an acoustic version of "My Name Is Jonas" performed by Rivers Cuomo, as well as a "goofy Smiths medley" sung on the way to the show by the band, their close friend Pat Finn, and Koch.[1]. The band would perform something similar to this improvised Smiths medley live in front of an audience two shows later[2].

Set list

Koch recounted in a "Historical event" post about this show that Cuomo introduced "The Biggest Animal" as being "by one of our favorite bands."[3] This was in reference to Fuzz, his and Patrick Wilson's pre-Weezer band, which had previously played the song.

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