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Historic event: 05/21/1992

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show #7: acoustic set at 8121 club, Hollywood

...this was the 7th weezer show, and the second of weezer's early acoustic sets. The 8121 club [now called the Crooked Bar], is located underneath the Coconut Teaszer club at 8121 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

Before the show, there were several spontaneous recordings made by the band. First Rivers recorded himself playing and singing My name is Jonas, to test out the recorder. Then, during the car ride to the show, Karl pressed 'record' as a random jam sing-along broke out. The guys plus Patrick Finn all sang various Smiths songs, trying to out-Smith each other. The 'medley' even included Morrissey's solo b-side track "Hairdresser On Fire"!

The set for this show was:

only in dreams
theif, youve taken all that was me
lets sew our pants together
the world has turned
my name is jonas
the biggest animal (Rivers was heard commenting "this is a Fuzz song...by one of our favorite bands". This refers to the songs original incarnation as a song by the Rivers/Pat band Fuzz, which was active in early 1991. Several Fuzz songs lived on as weezer tracks for awhile but were later dropped.)

This show was 'bootlegged' by Karl, who used a cheap handheld voice recorder to capture the show. the tape used was the same as had captured the pre-show stuff, and all survives today.

L: Matt designed flyer, M: "night before" flyer, probably handed out at Coconut Teaszer, upstairs, R: Original art from the first weezer flyer designed by Karl.
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