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The Weezerpedia Lyric Project is a Weezerpedia Project that is documenting your favorite song lyrics and the time they appear in songs. Add your favorite lyrics to this page. Make sure to include the correct lyric, song title and link, time it plays in the song, and artist if the artist is not Weezer (i.e. 'Superfriend, Rivers Cuomo @0:17') in the appropriate format.

List of lyrics

"She's got hair on her toes, hair in her nose. She's the one for me. Can't you see?"
- Comin' Home (Left My Broken Heart in Carolina) @0:34

"But you won't talk, won't look, won't think of me. I'm the epitome of Public Enemy"
- El Scorcho @0:30

"Here it's clear that I'm not getting better. When I fall down, you put me back together"
- Put Me Back Together @0:37

"Saturday Night, oh how I love that song"
- Saturday Night @0:13

"I want a girl who will laugh for no one else."
- No One Else @0:24

"Somebody's Heine' is crowdin' my icebox. Somebody's cold one is givin' me chills. Guess I'll just close my eyes."
- Say It Ain't So @0:24

"We were as good as married in in my mind but married in my mind's no good."
- Pink Triangle @0:56

"I just need to admit I want sugar in my tea. Hear me? Hear me? I want sugar in my tea!"
- The Good Life @1:51

"What's the deal with my brain? Why am I so obviously insane?"
- Perfect Situation @0:39

"I've got a number of irrational fears that I'd like to share with you."
- Falling for You @0:23

"No one likes too much attention from a desperate fool."
- I Don't Want to Let You Go Raditude version @0:34, Alone II version @0:35

"Every time that I call you, you find some way to ditch me."
- Death and Destruction @0:40

"Blast off! Up to the stars we go!"
- Blast Off!, Rivers Cuomo @0:00

"What the hell am I doing thinking with my willy?"
- Superfriend, Rivers Cuomo @0:17

"I have many doubts about my motives."
- The Other Way @1:10

"All these problems on my mind make it hard for me to think. There is no way I can stop. My poor brain is gonna pop."
- Peace @0:54

"I used like to learn how to speak in Chinese; 'O-Kudasai' means 'Baby, would ya please.'"
- Run Over By a Truck @0:20

"All of the drugs she does scare me real good. She's got a tattoo and two pet snakes."
- No Other One @1:24

"Landon Donovan, DaMarcus Beasley, Freddy Adu, Clint Dempsey, Oguchi Onyewu, Bobby Convey, Eddie Johnson, Steve Cherundolo, Brian Ching, Carlos Bocanegra, Jimmy Conrad, Pat Noonan..."
- My Day Is Coming, Rivers Cuomo @3:05

"Cheese smells so good on a burnt piece of lamb."
- Dope Nose @0:49

"You're the lucky one. No, I'm the lucky one."
- Falling for You @1:45

"I'd like to thank farmer Pete for bringing me scraps of food that I could eat."
- Pig Demo version @1:50

"I saw you lying with him down in the snow letting him do all of the things that he wants to."
- Lover in the Snow, Rivers Cuomo @0:30

"The unusual is the fucking usual." (Lil Wayne)
- Can't Stop Partying Raditude version @2:17

"One more tear falling down your face doesn't mean that much to the world."
- The Damage in Your Heart @1:18

"Everyone likes to dance to a happy song with a catchy chorus and beat so they can sing along."
- Pork and Beans @1:08

"I miss you and I wonder how you feel about me too."
- O Girlfriend @0:17

"Back in 1991 I wasn't having any fun 'til my roommate said "come on" and put a brand new record on. Had a baby on it. He was naked on it. Then I heard the chords that broke the chains I had up on me."
- Heart Songs @2:27

"I asked you to go to the Green Day concert. You said you never heard of them. How cool is that!?"
- El Scorcho @1:07

"You're so damn intelligent, I can't stand the way it hurts; 'Cause I'll never be worth quite what you're worth."
- 367 @0:36

"You are my baby tonight, And I'm your daddy"
- I'm Your Daddy @0:39

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