Black Session (The Rentals bootleg)

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Black Session
Black Session cover
Unofficial bootleg by The Rentals
Released 1996
Recorded April 5, 1996

Black Session is an unofficial The Rentals CD released by the label "Loose Dog" in 1996. It contains audio from The Rentals' "The Black Sessions" performance on April 5, 1996.

Bootleg Tracklist

  1. "The Love I'm Searching For"
  2. "Waiting"
  3. "Brilliant Boy"
  4. "Naive"
  5. "Move On"
  6. "Please Let That Be You"
  7. "So Soon"
  8. "Sweetness and Tenderness"
  9. "These Days"
  10. "Tracy Jacks (BLUR cover)"
  11. "Friends of P."


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