Blitzkrieg in Germany

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Blitzkrieg in Germany
Blitzkrieg in Germany cover
Unofficial bootleg by Weezer
Format CD
Length 55:00
Label We-The-Archive
Alternate cover
Deluxe edition
Deluxe edition

Blitzkrieg in Germany (misspelled as Bliztkrieg in Germany on the cover art) is an unofficial CD released by the bootlegging label We-The-Archive at some point during or after 2001.


Blitzkrieg in Germany contains the audio from Weezer's performance at Soundgarden Dortmund in Dortmund, Germany on June 21, 2001. The artwork claims that the bootleg was limited to 300 copies, but there is no way to confirm this as few copies have surfaced. A deluxe edition of the bootleg was made and released, containing a bonus disc of OUTLouD TOUR 2001, another bootleg released by the We-The-Archive label.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Burndt Jam" ("Burndt Jamb") 3:40
2. "Photograph"   2:27
3. "Zepp Song" ("Zep Jamb") 2:46
4. "Simple Pages"   3:19
5. "High Up Above"   2:41
6. "Don't Let Go"   3:21
7. "Island in the Sun"   3:46
8. "American Gigolo"   3:24
9. "Crab"   2:53
10. "Keep Fisin'" ("Keep Fishin'") 3:02
11. "Hash Pipe"   3:30
12. "(Instrumental)" ("Only in Dreams", solo only) 3:20
13. "Take Control"   3:49
14. "Knock Down Drag Out" ("Knock-down Drag-out") 2:21
15. "Undone" ("Undone - The Sweater Song") 4:47
16. "Buddy Holly"   3:45
17. "Surf Wax America"   2:01
Total length:

The typos contained on this bootleg's track list have been preserved, while the capitalization has not.


Standard release

Deluxe edition

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