Deliverance at Hand!

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Deliverance At Hand! is an 18-track CD-R compilation of demos recorded in 2007 by Rivers Cuomo. It was presented to the rest of Weezer as potential songs for what would ultimately become The Red Album.

Several of it's songs were eventually recorded by Weezer and released on studio albums. "Pig" and "King" were released on the Red Album (Deluxe Edition) and "I Don't Want To Let You Go" was released on Raditude. The Deliverance at Hand! version of "King" features Cuomo singing lead vocals.

The Deliverance at Hand! versions of "This is the Way" (released on Alone), "Pig" (leaked as an mp3 on music blogs), "I Don't Want To Let You Go" (Alone II) and "My Day is Coming" (Alone II) have also been made available to the public. A version of "East Coast vs. West Coast", overdubbed with a revised bridge and a drum track by Pat Wilson in 2012, was leaked to the public in 2017.

Confirmed Deliverance at Hand! songs

Possible Deliverance at Hand! songs