Karl's Corner - 07/01/2005

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07/01/05 thats how we got the stool boom

View larger - 07/01/05 thats how we got the stool boom

...MB '05 Tour: Day 39: Fly to Vegas

important note! in case you didnt know, they have moved the location of tomorrows Vegas show with RHCP. Its now happening at the Silverbowl Sports Complex near Sam Boyd Stadium.

large size picture link: here.

...Make Believe has been certified Gold (500,000 sales) by the RIAA this week, after being on the charts for 7 weeks. The sales are mostly CDs but a significant percentage is made up of digital sales, with the remaining sliver represented by vinyl LP. (Viva la vinyl!)

...here's a photo of the current merchandise avail on tour. This picture link will run with all tour show stories. In the future, when there are new items added or things changed, a revised picture will be posted.

...R.I.P. Luther Vandross.