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07/08/05 "How'd you get a table?" "I just made a call."

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 46: travel to Toronto, Canada - day off
We arrived in Toronto to discover Canadian Weezer fans (and others in whats referred to as "the international market") (i.e. everything except the USA) coming across a video for "We Are All On Drugs" that was quietly slipped to the video stations and websites overnight. This video was prepared as an experiment and was immediately embraced as funny and strange - not a bad match for weezer. While the band plans on filming a 'proper' Drugs video soon, the international record labels needed a video NOW as they are planning on launching the single shortly. So it was decided - the metal video must be unfurled! Clip unfurled here on MuchMusic.com.

This video (lets call it 'We Are All On Drugs V1.0') is a cleverly re-edited version of the 1985 "Fear No Evil" video by the band Grim Reaper. Mucho thanks and props to Grim Reaper for letting weezer use the footage! Soon, there will be another "Drugs" video, for release in the USA, so you'll have 2 to pick from...

"We Are All On Drugs" is indeed the official second single from 'Make Believe', and its officialy goes to radio this coming monday and tuesday. Request it if you can! It's already the most added modern rock track this past week, so were off to a great start! The UK/Euro release date is possibly 8/15, we will confirm when we have the info.