Karl's Corner - 09/04/2000

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Labor day, a much-needed day of rest for the weezer touring machine. The first of two massive runs of shows is behind us now, with the successful gigs in Detroits St. Andrews Hall (Also known as "a large furnace that is generally uninhabitable by humans due to its prohibitively high temperatures and humidity, but is used as a venue of rock n roll nonetheless") and at Chicago's Metro (also known as "Venue most desperately in need of an elevator for loading equipment"...man, that place can wear a guy out!). Both shows rocked to the moon and back, and left a lot of people walking out with smiling faces. After the Chicago gig I met up with fellow RWA webmasters Anuj and Dan, and talked of RWA web-plans over some magically delicious Taco Bell.

Above you see Pat and Rivers on Milwaukee's local ABC station news, WIJN Channel 12. As we lounged in the park today on our day off, we were randomly approached by news reporter Rebecca Clayfish (?), who proceeded to ask Pat his views on the upcoming Presidential race. She hadn't any idea who she was interviewing, and we made sure not to let on. We made it back to our hotel in time to catch the story on the nighttime news! Want to see it? Read on...

...I have finally got some more mpegs up over on the WFO page, check them out. some clips from D.C's 9:30 club and Philly's TLA, as well as 2 special moments from the Chicago show, and video shot off the TV of the above-mentioned news story.

...I forgot to report that the Buffalo show was indeed the public debut of the new song "Peace and Quiet". They have also played it the next 2 nights, in Detriot and Chicago. People seem to be reacting well to it.

...Unfortunately, there is still no producer news to report. Band anxiety over this issue continues to loom, and fingers are crossed as they await some crucial responses and meetings. Despite this uncertainty, the guys are sticking to their recording "go" date of October 23rd, no matter what!

...Here's a really good article/review on weezer's return that was spotted recently online. This writer really did a nice job, check it out!