Karl's Corner - 09/21/2000

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well, we've learned a bit more about the KROQ Breakfast show situation... a fan e-mailed me explaining how he had emailed Kevin and Bean asking why weezer got bumped from the show. Bean, apparently exasperated by the onslaught of inquiries by countless weezer fans, responded in an upset manner, as if that wasnt the case, that it was weezer that did the canceling. So, I did some investigating on the matter... According to weezer's management, KROQ felt that there wasnt enough time to properly promote the show, so they proposed doing it in October instead. Unfortunately, that is when weezer will be busy in the studio (or at least in preparations for the studio), and it wont be possible nor wise to interrupt that critical creative "flow". In the end, everyone agreed to do the Breakfast next year, when the album comes out and the event could be properly promoted.

...So please, dont bombard Kevin and Bean with angry calls or emails, they are our buddies and we are all looking forward to doing the breakfast show when its rescheduled. We will keep you up to date whenever "Breakfast" info becomes available.

...also, there's three new mpegs up on the WFO page...