Karl's Corner - 09/09/2000

From Weezerpedia

...Lawrence, Kansas. A cool town, a cool club, a cool show! (well, not cool temperature-wise..) I write this afterwards, as the club has strangely altered into some sort of disco temple...not so cool...The dual BMX assault of Mikey and Pat continued today, and even I had a chance to explore a bit of Lawrence.

...Yesterday before the show the guys watched the MTV Video Music Awards, and weren't too thrilled. Rivers commented that its probably due to the fact that they werent participating nor playing in them. Maybe next year! ...So what do you think of the Video Music Awards? Cool? Lame? Did anybody good (in your opinion) perform or appear? email us and let us know!

...A pretty cool thing seems to be happening at many of these shows...fans are bringing acoustic guitars and leading weezer song sing-a-longs while waiting in line. yeah!

...well, I finally got to my e-mails, and wow, the Napster response was overwhelming! I'm still catching up and passing along the comments to the band. Thank you for all your responses!