Karl's Corner - 09/29/2000

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....eh? ....wha? ...huh?okay, heres something cool. The band wants to see your ideas for new weezer t-shirts! Here's how you can participate: Either scan in drawings or develop concepts on your computer (or a combo of both), and email these designs in to the old address. DON'T send them to the regular karl@weezer.net address, I delete any emails with attatchments that go there. Also, PLEASE keep your jpegs UNDER 75k... If it must be a little higher then thats ok, but i really need small to medium images, because if I'm not at a good phone connection, it could take forever for me to download them all.... Anyway, the band will check out your submissions and I'll post ones that they like on a new page that I'll create for this project. Later, we might do a poll at some point and let you guys vote on the ones you like the most... and (in theory...) the voted favorite design could then become a new weezer shirt! As for "rules", well, there really arent any, go for whatever style you think is cool, and just keep the file a fairly medium sized jpeg, and that should be fine. Most of all have fun and be creative... think "what would I (you the fan, not me karl) like to see on a weezer shirt?" Basically we're just winging it here, waiting to see what you guys come up with. The details we'll work out as we go along. ...legal stuff: all submissions become the property of weezer, no compensation or prize for designs is offered or implied, though weezer may later elect to compensate or reward the designer of a selected and used design. ...a few more links are added to the 9/25 list below (in orange), and I fixed the Bakersfield link.