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Karl's Corner - 12/02/2010

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2010/12/02 - December Is A Month Of Webisodes! With YFrog and the Sony Bloggie


Hey folks, its time for some video fun. The good people at Yfrog have hooked us up with some of the new Sony Bloggies, so that starting today (and continuing each and every day for the next 24 days), we're releasing an all new behind the scenes weezer webisode for your enjoyment on yfrog! As always with weezer webisodes, these new vids range all over the map from fairly slick edited pieces to truly random as-it-happened activity, but the common denominators are weezer and fun. Look for links to our daily new videos on our twitter and facebook accounts, and check out our yfrog video gallery page at yfrog.com/bloggie.