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Karl's Corner - 12/17/2010 (a)

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SCVNGR + Gowalla for Weezer Fans

We've sent a few tweets and status updates about this and figured it deserves a full blog. We've been trying out some location based initiatives and you can use them at any of the remaining Memories tour dates!

First up: SCVNGR - add this to your iPhone or Android device and participate in one of several "challenges" at Weezer shows to get a merch discount. Don't worry they aren't hard - a picture of the show, checking into the event, that sort of thing. You're probably already doing it. It's also a great way to connect with some other Weezer fans. We'd love to see your photos here on Weezer.com. Maybe you can team up and make a human =w=?

Next is Gowalla - they are offering a free download from Hurley if you "check in" to a Weezer show using their own iPhone and or Android app. If you haven't already got Hurley, for shame. But this is a chance to sample a song for free downloaded right on your phone, and also find out who else is at the Weezer show. Plus win virtual badges. Everyone loves badges right?

So, let us know what you think and have fun!