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Karl's Corner - 12/12/2010

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2010/12/12 Vail, CO: Vail Snow Daze | Webisode #32: The Rebirth of Bokkus (Pt 1)



Today the band is in Vail, Colorado, to play the Vail Snow Daze festival. The stage is actually outdoors in the snow, facing the ski slopes, so this should be interesting.

If you are attending the show, please post up your stories and pictures here on weezer.com, or email them to me (karl (at) weezer.com), so we can post them up here. I am unable to be at this show, so we need your help to report on todays action! Thanks!

Well, details are still a bit sketchy, but this puppy has to be put to bed (the story and the karl), so heres what we got - It was cold. It was not snowing. Much. Weezer has never played Vail before, so that was a cool first. Rivers did some running around, but didnt slip on the ice. Pat spent the prior few days up on the slopes snowboarding and loving it. Jenny Eliuk from Vail sent some swell show photos (see the slideshow gallery below) and said: "My boyfriend and I just got home from Weezer's show tonight at Vail Snow Daze. We were in the front row and it was a great show! There was a 10 year old girl right beside us and it was her very first concert, she was a lucky young lady. PS The close up (of Rivers) really was that close, not a crop!"

Also contributing fine photos was our very own Sarah C. Kim. She said she unfortunately got booted out of the photo pit by some pushy security people when Rivers jumped down there, so her photos were all from the stage. No worries! they are looking good. Thanks to all, and please: Comment here if you went, or start a thread on our message boards, tell your tale!


...Todays December Daily Weezer Webisode is now up! Weezer Webisode #32 "The Rebirth Of Bokkus Pt. 1"

Enjoy! and remember, we're adding a new webisode to yfrog every day from now till xmas! They are all automatically gathered on our yfrog Bloggie player page here.

...Find out how you could meet the band, win Rivers’ guitar, Pat’s drums or whatever you wish, from State Farm, here.

...new tunes avail for d/l to fight rare cancers at Right Track. Rare Weezer recording "The Rat Race" still available there, for a minimum donation of 99 cents.

...Memories Tour article/interview in The Boston Globe.

...Two interesting articles on Weezers history and pre-history, on The Phoenix's website: Metal Years, Early Years.

...One of weezer's trusted and gifted roadies, Doug Forsdick, has been nominated for "Roadie Of The Year" for his work with Weezer and Rod Stewart in the Tour Link Conference "Top Dog" award. Please vote for Doug! he frickin' rules and we love him. Please register at tourlinkconference.com to cast your vote!