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Release Rating Review date Author Excerpt
Hurley (2010)
No rating given (mixed) September 7, 2010 Jessica Suarez " Hurley is the best Weezer album in a while... it helps eliminate the bad taste that The Red Album and Raditude left behind."

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Everything Will Be Alright in the End (2014)
No rating given (positive) September 30, 2014 Michael Nelson "This time [Cuomo's] voice and guitars and melodies sound better than they have in ages, maybe better than they’ve ever sounded."

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Pinkerton (1996)
No rating given (positive) April 21, 2016 Tom Breihan "Cuomo sings with the strained intensity of someone who knows his desires are fucked up, someone who’s going to torture himself about his bad decisions but keeps making those decisions anyway. But as dark and disturbed as Pinkerton might be, it’s not a dirge. It’s a bright-but-damaged rock album, one full of expert hooks and pent-up energy. Cuomo’s lyrical cleverness, a huge part of the Blue Album’s success, is still very much in evidence..."

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Weezer (The Green Album) (2001)
No rating given (positive) May 14, 2021 Nate Rogers "Quite clearly, Cuomo was saying, well, if you hated Pinkerton so much, here’s “The Blue Album” again; I’ll give you what you want if you stop yelling at me."

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Release Rating Review date Author Excerpt
"Feels Like Summer" (2017)
No rating given (positive) March 16, 2017 Michael Nelson " ...a pretty good jam. Is it classic Weezer? No. It’s all layered synths and handclaps; I think I hear maybe one guitar deep in the mix adding a little texture. But the hooks are there and the voice is unmistakable, and after two decades and change, I’ll take it. Listen."

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"California Snow" (2018)
No rating given (mixed) September 20, 2018 Chris DeVille " the time the third verse drops in — Cuomo sing-rapping, “C’mon Judas, gimme a kiss/ I can’t take no more of this,” pianos plinking, low-end rising triumphantly from below, searing lead guitar splitting the difference between “The Blue Album” and The Chronic — I have to admit I find myself acclimated to this latest bizarre stab at ubiquity."

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