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Weezer-Rules was a public mailing list centered around Weezer discussion maintained by Joel Abbott, RR Hornback, and Jay Baker. The list's first message was sent on August 29, 1995.[1]


Weezer-Rules was active from August 1995 until around 2000. At its peak in 1998, it had roughly 1,000 subscribers.[2] Daily digests sent to members were archived on the list's homepage by Abbott, making the list's message history accessible to nonsubscribers. Many of these archived digests were, in turn, archived by the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, making them accessible in the present day. These archives are some of the earliest online Weezer discussion which remains publicly available.

The mailing list was featured in the Fall 1997 issue of Weezine alongside other contemporary fan websites.[3] It was frequented by Mykel and Carli Allan, heads of the Weezer Fan Club, Anuj Behal and Dan Gdowski of weezer.net, and Daniel Brummel and Jose Galvez of the band Ozma.

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