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Weezer concert: 02/18/2002

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Weezer concert: 02/18/2002
Tour Hyper Extended Midget Tour
Venue Mellon Arena
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Date February 18, 2002
Associated album Maladroit
Supporting acts Saves the Day, Ozma
Bootleg Circulating
Weezer live show chronology
02/17/2002 - Albany, NY 02/18/2002 - Pittsburgh, PA 02/21/2002 - Nashville, TN
Ozma live show chronology
02/17/2002 - Albany, NY 02/18/2002 - Pittsburgh, PA 02/21/2002 - Nashville, TN

Weezer performed at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 18, 2002 as part of the Hyper Extended Midget Tour. The opening acts were Ozma and Saves the Day.


No. Title
1. "Island in the Sun"    
2. "In the Garage"    
3. "Dope Nose"    
4. "Why Bother?"    
5. "Knock-down Drag-out"    
6. "Death and Destruction"    
7. "My Name Is Jonas"    
8. "The Good Life"    
9. "Keep Fishin'"    
10. "Photograph"    
11. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    
12. "Burndt Jamb"    
13. "Don't Let Go"    
14. "Tired of Sex"    
15. "Say It Ain't So"    
16. "Hash Pipe"    
17. "Only in Dreams"    
No. Title
18. "Buddy Holly"    
19. "Surf Wax America"    

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 02/18/2002

...well, me and Pat heard rumor of some good 'challenge' ramps and whatnot in the Mellon, but Pat was delayed in getting to the venue, so he had to go right into soundcheck, and we were forced to do our wheeled exploring after the doors opened to the crowd. This went fine at first till we reached the upper deck, where we spied the first ramp, up to level 3. We ran up and located the next ramp back down to level 2, and away we went....right into a heavy clutch of security guards and tons of confused looking fans! Of course security reacted poorly so we had to cut our losses and retreat back to the bottom lands. Better luck next time...

...good rock for the absolutely rabid Pittburgh folks, who havent had a weezer show in a looong time...
- Karl Koch


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