Weezer concert: 05/07/2002

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Weezer concert: 05/07/2001
Tour Dusty West Tour
Venue Kansas Coliseum
Location Witchita, KS
Date May 7, 2002
Supporting acts AM Radio, Pete Yorn
Weezer live show chronology
05/05/2002 - Lincoln, NE 05/07/2002 - Witchita, KS 05/08/2002 - Colorado Springs, CO

Weezer performed at the Kansas Coliseum in Witchita, Kansas on May 7, 2002 as part of the Dusty West Tour. Pete Yorn and AM Radio were the opening acts.


No. Song
1 "Intro"   
2 "Dope Nose  
3 "Photograph  
4 "In the Garage  
5 "El Scorcho  
6 "Modern Dukes  
7 "Island in the Sun  
8 "Surf Wax America  
9 "Tired of Sex  
10 "Burndt Jamb  
11 "Knock-down Drag-out  
12 "Undone - The Sweater Song  
13 "Why Bother?  
14 "Happy Together(The Turtles cover)  
15 "Say It Ain't So  
16 "Hash Pipe  
17 "Only in Dreams  
No. Song
18 "Buddy Holly  

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 05/07/2002
...Tornado Warning! Wow, we thought we had had a taste of tornado alley in Nebraska, but here in Kansas things got positively wild! While we were fortunate enough to avoid any 'touchdowns' at Kansas Coliseum, we did experience rediculous winds, huge (by our wimpy standards) hail, and some punishing thunderstorms, which both drenched some poor kids who came out back after the show looking for autographs, and knocked out power to some of the building while they were loading the trucks. Brian grabbed his trusty umbrella and did some "monsoon autographs", while the backup generators kicked in, giving some of the building light. Fortunately all the really crazy stuff happened after the guys had left the stage, so the show was not affected. The crowd here in Kansas was suprisingly a bit lighter than the rest of the tour so far, but they more than made up for it in their sheer volume and energy. Theres nothing like a few thousand crazed weezer fans all spazzing out at once!

- Karl Koch


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