Weezer concert: 08/10/2002

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Weezer concert: 08/10/2002
Tour Enlightenment Tour
Venue Chronicle Pavilion
Location Concord, CA
Date August 10, 2002
Associated album Maladroit
Supporting acts Main Stage: Sparta, Dashboard Confessional
Side Stage: The Special Goodness, Rooney, Home Town Hero, AM Radio
Weezer live show chronology
08/09/2002 - Irvine, CA 08/10/2002 - Concord, CA 08/17/2002 - Tokyo, Japan
The Special Goodness live show chronology
08/04/2002 - San Antonio, TX 08/10/2002 - Concord, CA 12/13/2002 - Seattle, WA

Weezer performed at the Chronicle Pavilion in Concord, California on August 10, 2002 as the final show of the Enlightenment Tour. The opening acts on the main stage were Sparta and Dashboard Confessional and the opening acts on the side stage were The Special Goodness, Rooney, Home Town Hero and AM Radio.


No. Title
1. "Improv"    
2. "Hash Pipe"    
3. "No Other One"    
4. "Burndt Jamb"    
5. "Only in Dreams"    
6. "Getchoo"    
7. "Island in the Sun"    
8. "No One Else"    
9. "El Scorcho"    
10. "Fall Together"    
11. "Buddy Holly"    
12. "Simple Pages"    
13. "Why Bother?"    
14. "Keep Fishin'"    
15. "Say It Ain't So"    
16. "The Good Life"    
No. Title
17. "Surf Wax America"    
18. "Dope Nose"    

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 08/10/2002

Well, the Enlightenment Tour came to this, the last show, high up in the dry hills somewhere in the East San Francisco Bay area. Patrick continually referred to this as "Concord grape country", not actually knowing if the town's name had anything to do with grapes. A huge "W" was trampled or scorched high up on a hillside overlooking the venue. The work of fans? aliens? No one was sure. What was sure was that the thermometer read 105 degrees, a high that mercifully lowered as the sun went down. Also sure was the triumph of rock tonight! All the bands, The Special Goodness, Rooney, Home Town Hero, AM Radio, Sparta, Dashboard Confessional and Weezer kicked out the jams tonight! After the smoke cleared and the feedback faded, it was time for the final aftershow party, which was an emotional goodbye as the bands, crews and staff all parted ways. A portion of the weez crew and the band will be continuing on in a few days as the Japan/UK/Europe dates commence, but for now we said goodbye to the most excellent bandmembers and crewmembers of all the bands who now part ways. The Enlightenment Tour was a bonafide success and sets the tone and precident for future weez tours: Fun, loud, big, and chock full of quality music. MASSIVE thanks to all the bands, crew, local staff across the country, and especially YOU the fans for helping make the Enlightenment Tour the great sucess it was. Hats off.

- Karl Koch


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