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Featured quote: Karl Koch on "When You're Looking for Love" in his ongoing Q&A with the Weezerpedia Discord; April 2022

dylan (HMC): Karl, can you tell us anything about the song "When You're Looking for Love" written by you and Rivers (according to the BMI Repertory)? When and how did that collaboration come about?

Karl: nice one! haha... Well, it was in the VCD as i recall, in a video i shot in a hotel room. i had come up with the vocal idea, and Rivers ran with it on his acoustic guitar. I wanted to include the clip in the VCD but the lawyers were like "ok whats this song it needs official credits?" So it got officially registered as a co-write. It isnt really a complete song at all... we should finish it someday.

-Karl Koch, Weezerpedia Discord Q&A with Karl Koch - April 2022

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