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"Friends of P."
Friends of P. cover
Single by The Rentals
Album Return of the Rentals
Released October 24, 1995
Format CD
Recorded Poop Alley Studios
Length 3:32
Label Maverick Records / Reprise Records
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer Matt Sharp, Tom Grimley
Status Officially released
The Rentals singles chronology
"Friends of P."
Return of the Rentals track listing
"Waiting" (1995)
"Friends of P."
"Move On"
Back cover
Back cover

"Friends of P." is the third track and first single from The Rentals' 1995 debut, "Return of the Rentals."


  • "Friends of P." - Promo EP (1995)
  • "Return of the Rentals" - (1995)
  • "Friends of P." - US retail card sleeve CD, cassingle, and 7" (1995)
  • "Friends of P." - UK/Euro CD (1995)


"Friends of P." is arguably The Rentals' most popular song, and it has been pinned as their "one hit wonder" many times. Multiple versions of "Friends of P." exist. One version, Matt's 4-track demo, can be found on a promo single, and another demo version appeared on the 2001 fan club-exclusive release Excellent Stocking Stuffer.

When the song was initially released, the band was constantly questioned as to who the "P" was that the song referenced in it's title lyric. Front man Matt Sharp finally confessed that "P" was a reference to Paulina Porizkova, the wife of Weezer's producer for "The Blue Album," Ric Ocasek.

Album art

The album art for the "Friends of P." single shows both Patrick Wilson and Petra Haden without their heads. Karl Koch explains:
Geffen did not allow its recording artists Patrick Wilson and Petra Haden's faces on the artwork, so Matt had their heads photoshopped away. This rather haunting image also appeared on large promo posters!


In 2008, the band Tokyo Police Club covered this song on a digital-only Rentals tribute EP, and on the final date as the opening artists on Weezer's Troublemaker Tour.

Music video

"Friends of P"'s music video was responsible for the bulk of the song's exposure. It features Russian subtitles of the song's lyrics throughout the video, as this was the period in the band's history when they were jokingly claiming to be from that area of the world. Also notable in the video is the blank expressions of all the band members while they perform. Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson is featured in the video, as he was the drummer for The Rentals at that point.

Track listing

promo EP

  1. "Friends of P." (LP version) 3:31
  2. "Naïve" (LP version) 2:20
  3. "The Love I'm Searching For" (For The Ladies version) 4:23
  4. "Friends of P." (4-track demo recorded at Gramercy Park Hotel Room 1020) 3:24

US retail card sleeve CD, cassingle, and 7"

  1. "Friends of P." (LP version) 3:31
  2. "So Soon" (non-LP track) 4:21

UK/Euro CD

  1. "Friends of P." (LP version) 3:31
  2. "So Soon" (non-LP track) 4:21
  3. "The Love I'm Searching For" (alternative version) 4:24


I'm a good guy for a gal
So won't you look my palm over
I've got time for a chat
So won't you tell me my future

I'm gonna break down at fifty
And I'm not quite a stallion
I'm a good guy for a gal
And I'm mentally slipping

Oh yeah, oh yeah
What's that you see?
Oh boy, find out
What's up with me?
Oh yeah, oh yeah
What's that you see?
Tell me, more of
What's gonna be

If you're friends with P.
Well then you're friends with me
If you're down with P.
Well then you're down with me

Friends of P.

Some modest fame and fortune
Is going to come to me early
I get two loves in my life
And I'm dying at 90

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