Karl's Corner - 05/06/2002

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05/06/02 ain't nobody...just like this, i gotta be me...baby, hit or miss

...latest press bits:

  • The May 11 issue of Billboard mag has a detailed cover story on weezer, focusing on the recent fracas between weezer, Geffen, the free mp3s and Maladroit. If you were wondering just what exactly happened these past few months, this is an excellent summary that includes comments from both the band and Geffen people. This might be a "print only" story, as we haven't spotted this at Billboard.com as of this writing.
  • Meanstreet has a cover story that features the weez. This is a SoCal only mag, but the story is online! Read it here, see the cover here.
  • The June Spin mag (after the current one with Pink on cover) will have a full page Maladroit review.

...If you seek more pix of the Vancouver Dusty West show, look here. These were taken and posted by Vancouver radio station 104.9 XFM. For the sadly photo-under-represented Pullman WA show, I am still working on rounding up some more pix for that shows report.

...and, if youre looking for music from the Dusty West opening bands, youll find cd's for sale at the websites of am radio & Pete Yorn.

...heres something pretty cool! a longtime weezer fan has realized his dream to put out his own cd. This cd is a set of classically arranged weezer cover songs! This is an officially liscenced album, so you dont have to worry about it being a bootleg or anything. The album is called "Only In Dreams; Classical Music Inspired By Weezer" and it will be released on May 28th. It has 8 songs: 1.Mykel & Carli, 2.In The Garage, 3.Only In Dreams, 4.Across The Sea, 5.Pink Triangle, 6.Photograph, 7.Island In The Sun and 8.Smile. You can listen to some song clips or purchase the album at www.classicalweezer.com.

...I love you, dad! feel better soon!