Karl's Corner - 05/14/2002

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05/14/02 hello, MALADROIT!


...today, weezer's 4th album Maladroit was officially released in the USA! Stoked fans have already written in with their tales of snatching up a copy (or 2), and already people on the message board are comparing the unique cd numbering on their copies ! The overall vibe I'm getting is that people are just really happy to have a finished product in their hands, and see how it all came together after the 2 months of recording with all those mp3 sneak peeks. Personally I find it amazing that its only been 1 year since the Green Album's release. So much has happened! Well, the band is stoked too. But theres no time to sit around the campfire and tell stories now! Weezer is going to Japan today, so you'll have to celebrate without them for a few weeks as we jump right into the Japan World Cup Tour '02!! Japanese fans: hold on tight!!!

...li'l plug dep't: Cool band Manplanet from Minneapolis are playing in the LA area tonight [5/14]. Manplanet did some shows with Pats The Special Goodness back in '99, and they were really cool. Picture a sort of aggro robot pop with excellent influences from the Cars, Dev-o and Gary Numan. The show is tonight at the Silver Lake Lounge, in Silverlake, LA.