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Karl's Corner - 05/25/2002

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5/25/02 Get!

Karlscorner-2002japantour.jpgJapan World Cup Tour show #7: Kosei Nenkin Hall, Nagoya

...The Kosei Nenkin hall is a very nice hall, that is (unfortunately) seated right up to the stage. This prevented the steamy 'mush pit' effect we've seen so much of on this tour. One things for sure however, no one could complain about their view of the band! The overall effect was a bit muted, with plenty of mass jumping up and down in place, enough so that i was bobbing up and down while trying to take pictures by the stage...! However, we can be sure that these fans were stoked, due to the post-show mob that descended on the band's van as it made its way out of the venue. That's something we've not seen much of on this visit, after plenty of it on past Japan tours. There were also high numbers of post show hotel lobby autograph and picture seekers tonight. Took me right back to '97!

click on this picture for a larger versionKarlscorner-20020525-r.jpgKarlscorner-20020525-s.jpg

...the first 6 Nagoya fans' stories that came in...

  • "...The venue was all seated + as people say Nagoya fans were pretty shy, to you guys, i assume the crowds seemed be lot more quite than the ones from other cities. but we were having fun!! They played most of songs i wanted to hear tonight, which as "say it ain't so","space rock" "story is wrong" and "yellow camaro".(well,"across the sea" was the most wanted but i somehow knew they wouldnt play it tonight)i think the setlist was really good. Rivers was pretty talkative tonight as well, i wonder "pocari sweat" is his fave Japanese drink at the moment..? and also wonder who taught him how to say "you're stupid" in Japanese..." :-p ---Rie
  • "...Hello! I've just come back home from weezer's show in Nagoya! The show was awesome as usual! But I realized there are several different audience types. Who loves blue and Black albums the most (they can sing aloud with weezer all the time!!), who likes Green album (they are kind of new fans), and who doesn't know weezer a lot but have their latest white album (they doesn't know how to sing w's old songs). In good means, they were having fan in their own ways, and I thought that was amazing. First part of the show, the audiences were quiet. But soon we could find what weezer is again and sing along! " ---Kaoru.
  • "...what a night! the crowd was a little subdued, i think 'cuz of the lack of mosh pit, but it was amusing to see everyone bouncing up and down at their seats. rivers was amusing: talking about pocari sweat, making fun of us and the japanese fans, and even speaking spanish! the encore was nuts - karl even got his own mention! :) anyways, thanks to the band for coming out and giving nagoya some life! " ----jackie
  • "...it was the WAKU-WAKU (heart-pounding excitement) feeling before my first weezer live. before show go to Higashiyama Zoo to play with the animals in "American Continent Corner" listen to pinkerton on MD while looking at llamas and bison and turkeys. then arrive before 5:30, but arrive time makes no difference because sadly everybody has assign seat. my seat for example, floor 1, row Q, seat 25. but ticket is strange, some japanese don't know weezer so ticket said "Weeser." the show could start with a nice little improv JAMU! then directly 'say it ain't so' we japanese have many years to practice words this song so many people can sing along. mr. rivers was dry throat so he asked for some sports beverage like gattoraid or poweraid but of course we don't have these in japan so somebody bring him POCARI SWEAT. he read the english part of label to crowd after Getchoo. "Pocari Sweat is a healthy beverage that smoothly supply the lost water and electrolytes from persperation. With appropriate density and electrolyte fluid that is close to that of human body fluid, it can be absorbed into the body" ( i drink it sometimes so i have this label in my recycle box, but i never read the english before, i can't understand what it means, but i don't think it's really healthy, but i recommend AQUARIUS drink better) yes we snucked down to Row B but then at Buddy Holly 2 girls came with ticket for those seat so we had to return to original seat. i can't believe those girls missed 5 or 6 songs of weezer live. but i'm happy i don't have to see mr. rivers too-long HIGE (beard) so close anymore. he belongs in the zoo. please say to him "cut it" then soon came iland in the sun. i play the bass everyday 'iland in the sun'. and my dream is playing the bass with weezer (:)(:) but when they played that song yesterday, my CraZy darling was fighting and dancing with GUARDman. so i almost missed that song...so if they play again in nagoya, please play two times 'iland in the sun' also, they played knock down drag out. they said it came from their 8th album...i think they only have 4 yet. then they introduced yellow camaro which rivers said came from 1st album that they did not record yet. why is he try to make confusion for japanese audience which can't understand many things he says already. it's a nice day for that song because it was already yellow day for me, everything appeared yellow, i even got a yellow flower after the live. soon my favorite decoration dropped from sky. it is the big PIKAPIKA (blinkin) "-W-" if weezer ever decide to change new logo, please give it to me. the light man who operating the "-W-" is genius. i want to have his job if i cannot play bass for weezer. now i study spanish so i understand river says "photograf" is final cantacion he means it's "last song" but again everybody don't understand. maybe they think they are in mexico. i heard rivers can speak many japanese words because he like japanese girls (like me!) so why is he BAKA (son-of-a-bitch) to not speak more japanese? and he said in english "please say hello to your mothers" i will tell my mother rivers says hello, but she will not mind happy or sad. message to rivers...please tell YOUR mother "Makiko says KONICHIWA!" and what does she think of your beard? after one more song the surf wax encoru! and then a crazy GAIJIN (foreigner) went to dance down the stairs, but GUARDman wants to fight again but foreigner just wants to dance with GUARDman and see Weezer from closer view. he looked like he was trying to surf, but GUARDman is not funny. (oh he is my darling) but after surfwax, some more feedbako, that was great, i think the band will take a nap on stage, big fog looks like a dream. but then they walk away and everyone sorry show is finished 8:34pm. after i could say hello and thank you to Mr. Karl, he should become japanese MANGA (comic) superhero! after i wanted to buy the KAWAII (so cute) panda weightlifter t-shirt but line was too long and maybe t-shirts would be sold out. so i just went outside where every audience was celebrate the sucess of live gig and crazy GAIJIN was brushing teeth and trying to sing Dope Nose at same time. he saidit's his dream to play toothbrush with weezer live. i can't believe! maybe he will join my band for weezer cover songs. we all japanese hope weezer will visit japan again before next time japan is World Cup host. i don't think rivers is the good soccer player. but still i think he and other band members look sexy in soccer uniform. do you? and i hope he give me a spanish lesson and remove his beard." ---makiko toba
  • "...Hello. I went to the show last night. People sometimes say Nagoya's audience is not very good, maybe too silent to rise. However I think Weezer is the only foreign band who can be full with the audience in the hall in Nagoya. Well, anyway I could enjoy the show. I noticed I really like Rivers' voice. I thought his voice was getting strong, so I wanted to listen more, but I felt yesterday's show was a bit short. However I could hear Brian and Pat's sing yesterday, so I was very happy. They are good singers, too!! Lastly can I talk about myself? I 'm working at a clothing shop. At the shop I sell many artists T-shirts, of course these are licensed. Weezer is the best seller, anyway. Moreover BGM is maladroit, of course." ---Naomi
  • "...My brother lives in Nagoya so when my parents said they would pay for my expenses to go visited, I picked the time weezer was going to be playing there which was no accident. I was probably one of the only few americans there but seeing all these people who didnt understand a word the band was saying gave me chills. The show rocked hard and just showed how much music can bring people together." ---Randy

...Maladroit debut positions continued:

  • Sweden: 22
  • Iceland: #7!!!
  • France, Spain: ????anyone???

...Mtv viewers have been seeing bits of a new interview conducted with Rivers and pat at the Whiskey show on May 14th. As I recall the interview touched on all sorts of stuff, but it seems the part they are focusing on for the "Mtv news" bit is in reference to the "Hash Pipe"/"Dope Nose" "controversial song title" thing. Hopefully theyll get more of the interview out there, its was a pretty good one. Parts of it were used in the Mtvnews.com article about the upcoming summer tour.

...Maladroit number registration projects: we now know of 2 fans' projects, who are trying to get as many people as possible to share what # maladroit they own.

#1 (previously mentioned in a previous news report) The website has run into bandwidth problems, the webmaster has asked those wishing to participate in the project to send : 1. The number on their disc
2. Their name
3. Their location
4. Optional e-mail address
to: numbered_maladroit@hotmail.com.

#2:This site has been set up for a database thats in the works of numbered maladroits. The webmaster says she's got 1100 names and numbers already, and they should be listed on the site soon. The info on how to submit your # for the listing is on the site.

...This weekend K-rock (WXRK) in New York City ran down their "top 92 artists of all time" and Weezer came in at #37, on top of bands such as Jane's Addiction (#38), Beck (#62), and The Doors (#61)!