Karl's Corner - 05/31/2002

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05/31/02 boogaloo carinoso

Recording in Japan: day 4 (of 4)

...Im not sure if today was the last day of recording or not. However, I did get word from Pat that he was very pleased with his drum tracking, and has high expectations of this recording session.

...no pics today, apologies...

...note that the "Peace and Quiet" mp3 on the audio video page has been re-uploaded at the usual bitrate (128kbps). apologies about the sub=par 96kbps version.

...also a note that the Mykel and Carli memorial concert T-shirts, leftover from the 1997 concert have just sold out, after a slow n steady sell-off, all for the Memorial Fund set in place in their honor. If this news is confusing to you, read up on the subject over in the "weezer fans" section.

...one of the 2 fans' "Maladroit Numbering Projects" has had a site upgrade. Its pretty cool now, and its easy to add in your own copy for the list. Check it out here.

...the fans concert reports from Japan have been wrapped up, theres a bunch of additional Japanese fans reports now under the Osaka #2, 5/26 tokyo, and 5/27 Budokan shows. Thanks to all who wrote in, braving the language barrier! Your work is greatly appreciated.

...Maladroit opening week chart wrap up

  • USA: #3 debut, second week #16 (ow!)
  • Canada: #2!!!
  • UK: #16 (highest ever in the UK) (was #8 at midweek; note 'Green' debuted at #35 last year)
  • Ireland: #15 (highest ever in ireland)
  • Japan: #7!! (wow)
  • Australia: #11! [#3 in the 'alternative' album chart] (Green debuted at #25 last year)
  • Germany: #29
  • Norway: #4!!
  • Finland #23, rose to #11 in second week!
  • Iceland #7!!
  • Sweden: 22
  • France, #42 (was #80 on its first day, and #20 at mid week)(#7 at Fnac, a huge record chain)
  • Australia: #11! on the mainstream album top 50 (at #27 in its second week). debuted at #3! on the alternative charts (at #4 this week)
  • Switzerland #44
  • Denmark: #87
  • Austria: #22
  • Spain ? Italy? New Zealand? others?