Karl's Corner - 05/11/2011 (a)

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2011/05/11 Radio Weezer: Looking for your Weezer Covers

...hi folks - Radio Weezer is launching a new thang today, and you or your band could be a part of it! Do you, your band, or your friend’s band play a Weezer cover? Radio Weezer is now looking for some fresh weezer covers to add into the rotation. So, if you have a song that you’d like to submit, send an MP3 along with your name and hometown to RadioWeezer@gmail.com. We’ll be picking out cool and unusual ones, and adding them into the mix regularly.

I took the liberty of pre-selecting some of my favorite weezer covers to get things started, which you'll be hearing me announce and play on the station starting today. Everything from the Moog Cookbook, Ash, and Dashboard Confessional, to Bide Ou Balde, Daniel Brummel, and Runnersdialzero/Lifetaker - in short, great covers from all walks of life and music. And yours could be added to the mix!