Karl's Corner - 05/13/2011

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2011/05/13 More GetGlue Info - Virtual Stickers and Real Stickers

...folks, here's some more info on the new Weezer GetGlue promotion. How it works: Go to the Weezer GetGlue website to sign up for an account. From there, you will see links to download the mobile app for your device - or you can get it from your devices app store directly, or just go to GetGlue.com on your phone via its browser to get to the mobile version of the site.

As you see on the page, the deal is to get these virtual stickers by checking in to various places. And if you check in enough, you earn real physical stickers too! Here is how to unlock the 4 Weezer stickers on GetGlue; once you earn 20 stickers on the site, they will mail you physical copies of the stickers you’ve earned (while supplies last).

1) Weezer Fan: Unlocks after a user has liked Weezer and checks-in to the recording artist page 5 times
2) Weezer Super Fan: Unlocks after users have checked-in 15 times
3) Weezer on Tour: Unlocks when users check-in to the recording artist page from April 29 – August 5, with the words: "Live" and "Tour"
4) Hurley: Unlocks when a user checks-in with the name of the album or any of the tracks on the album

You can combine the key words above in one check-in to earn multiple stickers.