Karl's Corner - 05/22/2011

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2011/05/22 UPDATE - Name That Tune Video Contest!

Folks, ok. We made the Name That Video Contest hard on purpose. We're tired of those easy contests that anyone can win, even if they're not a big fan or weezer. So we made it hard. Real hard as it turns out! Maybe a little too hard! People are tearing their hair out over this one and sadly some are not even bothering to try. So we decided to give out a few hints, to give more people a shot at it...

Hint #1 is that there are in fact 24 clips to identify total.

Hint #2 is that there are two songs that are represented twice! In other words, 4 of the 24 total clips only represent 2 of the songs.

Hint #3 is that for those two songs that have two clips each, the 'doubles' are not right next to each other in the order, they are mixed up in the order.

Hint #4 is that 23 of the 24 clips are from Weezer's main studio albums, one is a b-side. No demos, no "Alone" tracks, no covers, etc.

Hint #5 is that there are no songs from "Maladroit" or "Death To False Metal" in the 24 clips, but the other 7 studio albums are represented.

If you have already submitted a response and would like to modify your answers, there is still time - send a new email to karl (at) weezer (dot) com, but in the subject line include the words "Name that tune RE-DO"!

We havent fixed a deadline, but remember, its the *FIRST* 15 *correct* responses that win prizes, so the sooner you send em in, the better!

original rules: Care to play weezer's version of the 1970's game show "Name That Tune"? Weezer Webisode #51 (below) challenges you to name that tune; tunes captured from behind-the-scenes moments from this year. Can you name them all? List every song they are playing in order and email your list to me (karl) at: karl (at) weezer (dot) com.

The first correct, complete, in-order list wins two tickets and a meet and greet to an upcoming Weezer show in your area. Also up for grabs is a one-of-a-kind band signed 11x14 print (2nd prize), three Pinkerton Deluxe Edition 4-vinyl sets (3 runner-ups), and ten sets of the Live Bootleg albums from both nights of the Memories Tour (city to be determined) (for winners #6-15). Note that only the first 15 *correct* and *complete* *in-order* lists I receive are eligible for the 15 prizes, so listen and watch carefully!