Karl's Corner - 05/27/2011 (b)

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2011/05/27 Atlantic City, NJ: The Borgata Events Center

weezer covering "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead in the studio, 2 days ago.

...Team Weezer has re-assembled once again, this time in the now-familiar swampy yet glitzy environs of the Borgata Casino, whose big 'ol events center we come to once again rock out in. The show is sold out so its bound to be a corker...

And a corker it was - weezer played a Memories Tour style set, with a "Memories Time Machine" set counting down the years to the second set, the Blue Album in its entirety. In the middle they debuted their cover of Radiohead's "paranoid Android" to a shocked and delighted crowd. Well, they seemed shocked and delighted to me!

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