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Karl's Corner - 09/01/2010

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2010/09/01 Allentown, PA: Allentown Fair

2010/09/01 Allentown, PA: Allentown Fair

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Folks, we've just arrived on the scene at the Allentown Fair, and the sun is hot, the fried dough stands are hopping, the ferris wheel is rotating, and our classy crew guys are prepping the stage for rock and roll. Opening tonight is not The Rational Clown Posse NOR Oilcan Johnson as we were told, but thankfully its Gaslight Anthem.


Good greif - well the sun went down on that fair but it never got any cooler! At least not temperature wise... However, as the evening progressed it got a LOT cooler entertainment wise! Gaslight Anthem delivered a cracking set and then Weezer did its thang. Despite the utter opressiveness of the oven like air, Rivers and co. fought hard and got the energy level up to the now-usual weez standard of: "high", with moments of "nutso" sprinkled in whenever possible. Excellent guest stars came in the form of a small stuffed tiger and a giant pink stuffed gorilla. I hope the security guard who took that inexplicable head first mini-dive to concrete out near the front-of-house area is ok. He looked more mad than hurt. What in the world happened there? A very strange accident as the RC whirlwind blew through the crowd, stoking up the fair peeps everywhere he scampered.

Big ups to Greg H. on the scene!

Comment here if you went, or start a thread on our message boards! Tell your tale!


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