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Karl's Corner - 09/18/2010

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2010/09/18 Tempe AZ: Tempe Beach Park: X103.9 Fall Frenzy

....Folks, we're about to take a fast plane over to Phoenix to do the X103.9 Fall Frenzy show. Looks like its gonna be a fun day! More later - if youare going /went, comment here and/or start a thread on our message boards and/or blog on your weezer.com main page about it - tell your story!


Well, the jet was indeed fast and small, and it got us over to Phoenix without any trouble. Nothing wrong with rolling in style, so long as the cost is covered! When we hit the tarmac at Sky Harbor Int'l Airport, the 107 degree heat was indeed powerful. But theres something about the mid September almost Fall time we're in that sorta took the edge off. The sun wasnt quite as nasty as it would have been a few weeks earlier. And soon enough it started dropping in the sky, affording a merciful evening - still hot but not brutal. Over at Tempe Beach Park the crowd was massive and the music was in full swing. We got there as Devo was winding up (sans Josh who was batting for team weez), and soon Primus had taken the stage with their utterly unique sound. After that it was Sublime "with Rome", who turned out to be a darn good singer of the Sublime catalog.

Finally Weezer did their thing for the assembled multitude, delivering the hit heavy set thats been stoking the festivals all summer, plus new single "Memories". Rivers found all kinds of new things to climb today as he took a lap around the grounds during "Beverly Hills" - ATM machines, merch booths, tents, fences, you name it. Lots of happily surprised fans out in the corners - not to mention less happily surprised security guards and maintenance men!

Big ups to OG weez friend and fan Jenny R., in from Sedona to rock out to the weez like it was 1992 back at Club Dump!

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...Cool Rivers interview for the Onions AV Club.

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...The new Kerrang mag has a weezer cover story, its out now! Check out these pix from the Rivers interview in the new Kerrang!

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