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Karl's Corner - 09/09/2010

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2010/09/09 Memories Video Premiere (for reals) | recording session

2010/09/09 Memories Video Premiere (for reals) | recording session

Ok, sorry about the confusion the other day - yes, "Jersey Shore" airs TODAY, and thus the "Memories" video premiere is TODAY, (Thurs 9/9) during "Jersey Shore" on Mtv. But if you dont want to watch "Jersey Shore" for some odd reason, never fear - just go to Mtv.com to watch the video there. I've seen the final cut of this video and its SO COOL! Stunts, singing, skating, sketchiness, super 8, this video has got it all!

Today, all day, the band is in a studio in L.A., recording some songs old and new for the Red Bull tv station that plays in Europe as well as some additional songs old and new for the US Red Bull website. While they are in the studio all day, the guys are also recording audio for Weezer's Alt Nation weekend this weekend on Sirius XM Radio, as well as recording a special thang for Funny Or Die. Never a dull moment...

***Hurley Pre-Order packages via Bravado: exclusive shirts, prints, wristband avail w/ "Hurley" preorders. Cool stuff!***

***Hurley Pre-Order packages via Epitaph: Many variations and permutations to choose from! Exclusive new T-Shirts!***

...REMINDER: on Wednesday, September 15th, Weezer are playing on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno! Tune in! And if your gonna be near Burbank, CA that day, now you know why you need to try and get in the audience!

...REMINDER: "Hurley" will be released on 9/14, but you can hear it and get a hold of it 4 days early on Friday Sept 10 at all PacSun locations in the USA and Puerto Rico.

The listening parties start at 6PM. The stores will be playing the album in its entirety, with special commentary by the band added for your edification and enjoyment. Then you will be able to buy the album, plus some new limited edition Weezer threads.

Some PacSun locations will also be giving away a free Hurley/Weezer T-Shirt for the first 100 Weezer fans that arrive for the listening party.