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Karl's Corner - 09/17/2010 (a)

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2010/09/17 More, More, More. How Do You Like It?

...If you didn't see Weezer playing "Memories" on last night's Tonight Show, watch it here.

...New Annoying Orange episode, featuring Weezer as the cheeses (and B.... This is part of our YouTube Invasion, see the playlist and watch all the videos here.

...The new Kerrang mag has a weezer cover story, its out now!

...Tomorrow (Saturday September 18th), we go to Phoenix for the X1039 Fall Frenzy, playing with Sublime W/Rome, Primus, Devo, Blue October, The Dirtyheads, and AM Taxi.

...REMINDER TO THOSE VISITING THE NEW WEEZER.COM FOR THE FIRST TIME: You will need to RE-REGISTER on the new site in order to participate (beyond normal browsing). Every registered member can post on the forums, post up their own blogs, post up pictures and videos, get email updates, and more! If you were registered on the old weezer.com, your login info wont work on the new weezer.com - BUT you can recreate your account with the same username/password, and after that it will be the same as ever.

...REMINDER: SoCal Weezer fans, Weezer is doing a thing with AXE for the unique AXE Music One Night Only Concert Series on September 21 in Los Angeles. The location will be a secret but follow AXE on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week to find out how to get tickets. They’ll be leaving them in secret locations, but you’ll have to follow AXE to know exactly when/where.

...REMINDER: If you havent seen it yet, watch our new music video, for the lead off Hurley single "Memories"! Check it out! Jackass! Skating! Stunts! Shredding! Shralping!