Karl's Corner - 09/15/2009

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2009/09/15 Weezer Live Official Bootleg Series!

People, Weezer is happy to annouce the start of their Live Official Bootleg series! The 8/27/09 Camden show is now available for purchase in a variety of formats, and more shows from the current tour will be added in the coming days as the live audio is made ready from the shows! Keep an eye on our new Live page for the latest! Next up is Washington DC, then Denver and Kansas City.

Weezer has been wanting to do this for the fans for years, but its not been possible till now. Thousands of requests have poured in over the years from fans who want to re-live the show they attended, in high quality, or hear the show they couldnt make it to. Now, finally its happening - fans have three ways to purchase the official bootlegs, so they can continue to enjoy them for years to come. A digital-only option includes exclusive hi-res pictures from the show, a physical option includes a download and digital pictures, and a physical with tour t-shirt option also includes digital download and pictures. Each Live album will have unique cover art and the exclusive set of photos were taken by me, Karl - all are never before seen and exclusive to the Live CD from that show.

Some other items -

...Some Weezer mentions and mini-reviews in the current Rolling Stone (Oct 1 issue).

...Pork And Beans was chosen as the 3rd best video of the 2000s as picked by Pitchfork.com.

...No release date yet, but the blurb on this Muppet Website is true - Weezer covers "Rainbow Connection" on next year's "Muppets Remastered" album.

...Another good Pat n' Josh interview up on 107.7 The End Seattle.

...Authentic '01 vintage guitar signed by a Green Album era Weezer on auction here.

...Now here's a wicked Weezer cover experience you ought not miss if in the LA Area: Ryen and Jose from Ozma will be playing a show covering all of Weezer's 'Pinkerton' (and more) as "Across The Crabs - A Real Celebration of Pinkerton feat. members of OZMA & Teaneck".
Friday, Oct 02, 2009 8:30 PM PDT (8:00 PM Doors)
at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA - $10 advance tix here.

...ok so this guy is doing his grad school thesis on Guitar Hero and RockBand. If you play these games, take a minute to take his survey! While Weezer has been featured in GH 3 & 5, and RB 1 & 2, you can be a player any version of either game or both to help out with the survey. By taking it, you could win one of the many prizes he's lined up, such as GH5, RB the Beatles, or gift cards to iTunes, Amazon, and MusiciansFriend.

Sidney sez click cover to see me bigger!

Weezer's upcoming 7th studio album "Raditude", starring Sidney the dog! Make your own cover remix featuring Sidney over on Spinner.com - AOL Music is now running a contest through next week - then you will be able to vote on their favorite Raditude Remix Cover - The winner will get a 12"x12" (LP sized) print of their winning cover autographed by the band!

*** NEW SINGLE "I Want You To" on iTunes now! Click here! ***

*** "RADIO WEEZER” has launched, check it out! ***

...Contest! Enter to win a signed gift bag from Weezer, All-American Rejects, Blink 182 and Chester French and receive a FREE Chester French MP3!

Enter to win 1 of 5 signed gift bags with signed stuff from Weezer, The All-American Rejects, Blink 182 and Chester French and receive a FREE Chester French MP3 immediately!

Each gift bag includes:

- signed Blink 182 poster
- signed Blink 182 “Greatest Hits” CD
- signed Rivers Cuomo lithograph
- a “Pork and Beans” 7”
- signed The All-American Rejects picture
- The All-American Rejects “AAR” necklace
- signed Chester French “Love The Future” Vinyl
- signed Chester French “Love The Future” CD

Click HERE to enter, good luck! For official sweepstakes rules go here.

...Jillian's Blog - Scott Shiner's wife Jillian is blogging about her experiences on this tour as a new mother and rock tour wife. Good stuff!

...Josh Freese's Twitter

...Twitter Search: Weezer - the power of the fans with the cams!

...Reminder: Weezer's new single, the first from their upcoming 7th album "Raditude" is called "(If you're wondering if i want you to) I want you to". And the super simple radio request phrase once again is: "(If you're wondering if i want you to play "(If you're wondering if i want you to) I want you to", yes, I want you to play "(If you're wondering if i want you to) I want you to". What could be easier? ***Debuted at #21 on 8/27! #1 most played on KROQ Los Angeles! Thanks to you!***

"Raditude". Out 10/27 from Weezer. Produced by Jacknife Lee and Butch Walker. Featuring (If you're wondering if i want you to) I want you to", "Trippin' Down The Freeway", "Can't Stop Partying", "The Girl Got Hot", "I'm Your Daddy", and "In The Mall", just to name a few!